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Provision & Bond Store

The management philosophy of EGMS is doing our best to provide fresh and good quality products to the

"Family" kind of customer rather than pursuing profits as a keeper of their health with pride and a sense of duty.

Total area of 1,500sqm self-owned warehouses with refrigeration facilities, 800spm cold storage and refrigerated trucks; Standard English labeling & descriptions.

Groceries: Perfect inspection for freshness and expiration date before delivery. Bonded Store: Provide goods at the most competitive price among the same business Personal Articles: Provide goods with no profits Miscellaneous: After delivery, we always keep our "Voice of Customer" section open for our service and try to meet customer needs and requirement.

Classification Of Each Category

♦ Fresh Vegetables
♦ Fresh Fruits
♦ Frozen Vegetables
♦ Tinned Vegetable / Feuit & Jam
♦ Meat Processed & Tinned Meat / Fish
♦ Frozen Meat
♦ Sea Food (Fish & Shell)
♦ Grain / Edible Oil & Dry Goods
♦ Seasoning/Sauce & Soup
♦ Milk Product
♦ Cake Assorted & Drink Dry
♦ Imported Food
♦ Soft Drinks
♦ Bonded Stores