Ship's Stores

As a general ship supplier, since established in 2006, Ship's Stores business has been the basis of company sales. Long period of know-how leads the best ability of business in China and we are moving ahead to provide the first class service to the customers in the world who is trusting us.
As a registered member of ISSA and IMPA, with Volume Purchasing & Quality Control system in China, The great advantage over market competitor rests on its more then 5,000sqm warehouse, covering more then 7,000 kinds of marine stores (cabin, deck, eng, chemicals, spare parts, etc.) and its reliable senior management team, which is able to provide prompt, comprehensive and cost-effective services at favorable standard of cost.

Ship's Stores Supply Range
♦ Deck, Engine, Cabin, Electrical, Safety Stores
♦ BA Charts & Publications, IMO Signals & Flags
♦ Medicines with Medical Cert. & English Menu
♦ Marine Deck Fitting & Hatch Cover Spares
♦ Anchor Chain, Anchor & Anodes
♦ Wire Rope & Mooring Rope
♦ Electronic & Navigational Equipment
♦ Gas Service: Gas Refilling/Bottles exchange


Supply of Ship's Spare Parts
EGMS professional ship spares team specializes in ship's spare parts one stop service to vessels, including spare parts for marine main diesel engine, auxiliary engine and deck machinery equipment from the original and under license (OEM) manufacturers in China. ...

Total Logistics Service Provider

We are able to provide a reliable logistical service of spare parts in transit and arranging customs clearance until delivery on board for all ports in China.

♦ Logistics of spare parts in transit
♦ On board delivery & Landed spare parts
♦ Customs clearance service / Door to deck
♦ Air freight / Ocean freight
♦ Door to door service
♦ Depot project
♦ Export packing
♦ CFS service
♦ Warehouing service
♦ 3PL Service
♦ Heavy cargo handling service
♦ Inland transportation service
♦ Transshipment of containers to other ports,
   trucking and delivery service


EGMS is your reliable service provider for ship class related technical services in China.

We provide all ship statutory surveys related servicing, which are approved by IACS members –ABS, BV, DNV.GL, LR, NK, KR. Scope of service as follows

Service & Seles Items
♦ Liferaft annual inspection service & Rental service, Immersion suit air-test.
♦ Lifeboat, davit/winch annual & 5-yearly inspection, Lifeboat repairs & spare parts supply.
♦ Fire-Fighting Equipment & System (Portable & Non-Portable Fire extinguishers, Fixed Fire extinguishing system)
♦ Fire Extinguishers & Spare charger(powder) and Fire Hoses & Nozzles
♦ BA, EEBD, Medical Oxygen cylinder Servicing, Hydro test and refilling.
♦ CO2 system release control panel modification as New SOLAS rules.
♦ Hydrostatic Release Units for Liferafts and EPIRB
♦ Inflatable Lifejackets and Lifebuoys Service
♦ Life-saving equipment for Vessel and Life Boat
♦ Fireman's Outfit (Breathing Apparatus, Fireman's Suit Complete, Fire Axes Insulated Handle, Fire Proof Lifeline, Safety Lamp and Safety Belt)
♦ Pyrotechnics (Rocket Parachute Flares, Hand Flares, Buoyant Smoke Sighnals, Self Activating Smoke Signals and Line Throwing Appliance)
♦ Others for Ships Safety Equipment


EGMS provides customized technical and engineering services in various fields such as commissioning, repairs and engineering. With our skillful engineers (who majored in Ship's M/E & T/C overhaul & repair, M/E & G/E parts recondition, automatic control, electronic & electrical engineering, among others) we provide an exclusive and reliable engineering services maintaining the highest level of quality.

We can provide include the following

♦ M/E & T/C Overhaul & Repair
♦ M/E & G/E Parts Recondition
♦ Steering Gear Overhaul
♦ El. Motor Rewinding & Repair
♦ Navigation / Radio Equipments Service
♦ Under-Water Inspection
♦ Elevator Inspection Service
♦ Crane Load-Test
♦ Calibration Service
♦ Automation service
♦ Hydraulic and pneumatic system service
♦ Electrical service
♦ Mechanic service
♦ Measuring equipment service
♦ Quality check service
♦ Accommodation deck light, A/C unit, PA system
♦ Office Machine Maintenance & Repair
♦ Fabrication work


EGMS Shipping Agency Service
A new addition to our service range, EGMS Shipping Agency provides complete ship agency and protection services for vessels calling all ports in China whilst liaising with our supply department, the benefits is that our customers receive a truly one stop service.

Main Services

♦ General Agent Service
♦ Docking Agent
♦ Vessel Entry / Exit Formalities
♦ Spare parts Transit and Clearance
♦ Crew Exchange Service
♦ Crew’s Health Care Service
♦ Cash To Master
♦ Arrange Transportation and Boarding pass
♦ Arrange Local inspectors and Technicians to offer services on vessel
♦ Timely report Vessel's ETB and ETD
♦ Arrange boarding pass, Flights and Hotels for Superintendent, Technicians and Crew, etc.
♦ Deliver Charts and Necessary Provisions timely on Board
♦ Lub and Bunker oil sample to Overseas testing institution
♦ Arrange Bunker survey and off hire survey, etc
♦ Project vessel towing permit and navigation warning application
♦ Urgent matter handling
♦ Find convenient and cheaper solutions to hand ship’s owner matter
♦ Logistics support and other supply & service
♦ Other emergency service
♦ Other owner requested matters

Provision & Bond Store

The management philosophy of EGMS is doing our best to provide fresh and good quality products to the
"Family" kind of customer rather than pursuing profits as a keeper of their health with pride and a sense of duty.
Total area of 1,500sqm self-owned warehouses with refrigeration facilities, 800spm cold storage and refrigerated trucks;
Standard English labeling & descriptions.

Classification Of Each Category

♦ Fresh Vegetables
♦ Fresh Fruits
♦ Frozen Vegetables
♦ Tinned Vegetable / Feuit & Jam
♦ Meat Processed & Tinned Meat / Fish
♦ Frozen Meat
♦ Sea Food (Fish & Shell)
♦ Grain / Edible Oil & Dry Goods
♦ Seasoning/Sauce & Soup
♦ Milk Product
♦ Cake Assorted & Drink Dry
♦ Imported Food
♦ Soft Drinks
♦ Bonded Stores